Friday, August 24, 2012

Over The Summer

Hello. Miss me? :)
I thought it would be nice to update the blog a bit. 
Some News. Briana is 8 months old already. She's a joy to have. Wants to run after her brother so bad. Is trying to chase him when she's in the walker. Don't judge us for using a walker, I'm warning you. It serves us well and keeps everybody happy. She's got two teeth, which Robert wants to brush for her :), she's got big blue eyes that are so beautiful. She has great observational skills, gets offended when big brother is taking out of her hands something she enjoys playing with, she's still sharing the room with us so we're thinking about when and how to have her join her brother in the other room.
Robert is potty trained, in his awake hours. (Hallelujah Chorus!) When he goes to bed he's still wearing a diaper. I'm just not ready for the next step. Briana still wakes up during the night for feedings or to have some water. So it would be too hard to wake up an extra 2-3 times at night to help Robert go potty.When he's ready for a big boy bed and to get his pants down and up on his own and use his potty without help, then we'll be ready to completely "graduate" diaper wearing.
We decided that our time in Moldova is coming to an end soon. We're trying to accomplish everything we came here to do and it's time to return to the culture and society we belong, so we're planning to move back to the States. Yay! Pray for us please.


Iuliana said...

It's sooo good to read about your kiddos. I can't believe Robert is potty trained. Abby is nowhere near being potty trained. I am such a bad mommy in this sense. I can't believe you guys are working on moving here. So excited! I will definitely pray for that!

Irina said...

yaaay! Ce super! Ne rugam pt voi sa puteti reveni aici si sa ramaneti! Copiii vostri sunt super scumpi! Si Ashley uda patul noaptea inca, dar cu rabdare si iubire o sa trecem si peste perioada asta, nu? Pupici multi!

Mariana said...

Va multumesc mult, Irina si Iuliana. Mi-e dor de voi.