Friday, August 24, 2012

Over The Summer

Hello. Miss me? :)
I thought it would be nice to update the blog a bit. 
Some News. Briana is 8 months old already. She's a joy to have. Wants to run after her brother so bad. Is trying to chase him when she's in the walker. Don't judge us for using a walker, I'm warning you. It serves us well and keeps everybody happy. She's got two teeth, which Robert wants to brush for her :), she's got big blue eyes that are so beautiful. She has great observational skills, gets offended when big brother is taking out of her hands something she enjoys playing with, she's still sharing the room with us so we're thinking about when and how to have her join her brother in the other room.
Robert is potty trained, in his awake hours. (Hallelujah Chorus!) When he goes to bed he's still wearing a diaper. I'm just not ready for the next step. Briana still wakes up during the night for feedings or to have some water. So it would be too hard to wake up an extra 2-3 times at night to help Robert go potty.When he's ready for a big boy bed and to get his pants down and up on his own and use his potty without help, then we'll be ready to completely "graduate" diaper wearing.
We decided that our time in Moldova is coming to an end soon. We're trying to accomplish everything we came here to do and it's time to return to the culture and society we belong, so we're planning to move back to the States. Yay! Pray for us please.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Boy

I started teaching Nursery in Church last Sunday. My baby boy is the only student attending the class for now. It was sweet to teach him something about the gospel in an organized manner. I am sure he felt the Spirit during the class, because from that lesson and all that day he's been telling me and his dad that he loved us. What a sweet feeling of joy to hear that from your child. Robert says "I you" for 'I love you'.
On Monday (yesterday) we started potty training. I've been very patient the first day, but it's getting hard. He pees so often and tells me about it just after he does it. Oh, I wonder when he'll remember to let me know of his need before doing it...
I give it a week and hope for success. But we'll see how he and I are prepared for this.
Robert, aka Gummy Bear or Big Ben

Monday, March 5, 2012

Briana's Blessing Day

So our cupcake got her baby blessing in Church yesterday. It was a sweet and spiritual ordinance. We are so happy to have this little girl in our life.
Here are some pictures, from yesterday and older:
Daddy and cupcake meeting for the first time

Pretty as a flower

Staying very busy

The cake in her honor

I'm excited that she does have blue eyes :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Barracuda Baby

My daughter is the sweetest thing on earth. But when it comes to nursing she is a very agressive eater. Just the other day I read about this kind of children, who destroy their mothers' nipples. They're called "barracuda babies". I went online to look for an image of a barracuda, and I laughed at what I found. Pretty scary and pretty much what I feel when the time to nurse comes. I pray we can get over this soon, I wouldn't want to discontinue nursing her because of fear of pain.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas Gift

Well, it finally happened. After much anticipation, our baby girl was born, at 41 weeks. I was supposed to go to the hospital the following day, for induction, but she decided to surprise us when we weren't expecting to be surprised anymore.
On Thursday evening, December 22, at about 7:50 PM my water broke. I was confused at first, because I didn't know what it's like when your water breaks (last time the doctor did it at the hospital), so I wasn't sure if that's what was happening to me this time. I was thinking: I didn't even feel like going to the bathroom, how could I have wet my pants?
Sergiu was at a meeting at Church. I called him and asked to come home because it's possible that Miss Briana decided to arrive, which he did promptly and arranged for his brother to come over to watch Robert. In the mean time, a second gush of water leaked out. We headed to the hospital. After an examination, it was confirmed that my water had broken, though not completely still. After checking in, I was sent into the delivery room, though I wasn't having any contractions yet. I got there and was left to wait for contractions and labor to start. The contractions began about 2 hours later. Meanwhile, I was sitting there listening to a woman next door screaming in pain and working hard to push her baby. That was so encouraging for me to hear!!! :) :) :) The epidural is not popular here in Moldova, so most of women give birth naturally, not by choice but because there is no other way. Anyway, Sergiu had returned home because I wanted him to be with Robert (I am a big freak about who can watch my boy and for how long). My contractions were regular but very mild in intensity. I didn't mind it, except that I did not want to labor all night. I had set my mind that this time things had to move faster than my first birthing experience. So I was getting a little disappointed when, after 3 hours, my contractions were still 7 minutes apart and I was only 4 cm dilated. It was 1:40 AM when I had the internal examination. Up to that point, I had been lying in bed, trying to sleep between contractions, because that's what the nurse encouraged me to do to preserve my energy for the harder work ahead. But after I was examined at 1:40, an idea illuminated my mind - I remembered reading that standing up during labor helps speed things along, and that's what I decided to do. Well guess what? Some 10 minutes later I was ready for pushing. I didn't even have to call for anyone because they heard my agony from the other end of the hallway :), and there was no more time for a confirmation that I was fully dilated - THE BABY WAS COMING OUT, pressing down with full force. To open a parenthesis here, birthing a baby naturally really helps you understand more about hell - you know, like the scriptures describe it as great tourment and gnashing of teeth. That's exactly what birthing feels like. Now back to the story. At 2:10 AM Briana was born. I was shocked and so relieved. I couldn't believe how fast she did it (we did it), comparing with my first experience. I was afraid to get a tear again, and I did get it :), but I'm healing much quicker this time around. So, this has been a wonderful experience that I feel very grateful for. Briana is small and sweet like a cupcake, so beautiful and perfect. I have to admit that I'd been too impatient for her to be born, I've always hoped she would come early, but it wasn't the right time for her, she would have been too underweight and weak. She needed to bake a little longer.
We're at home now and very happy together. We feel extremely blessed to have our children. Briana and I were released from the hospital on Christmas day and it was the best present ever to be all together. Sergiu did a great job with Robert while I was away. I'm so proud of him.
I would post some pictures, but Robert has been playing with our camera and misplaced it, and now I have no idea where to find it :). So I hope it won't be long before I do find it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! It is a very blessed and happy season for our family indeed.